Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catching up

Things are going well for us, Chris still has a job, (unlike so many good people these days) we still have a home to live in, and no one has died or gotten seriously hurt. We are great! The babies are getting very mobile. Climbing stairs, playing in toilets, etc. Love this shot, Gabe crawled under the cupboard and got stuck. Spencer was just munching on raw potatoes. That's healthy, right?
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Among the highlights lately:

Benson has learned how to write his name, almost.

Susanna has graduated from Kindergarten. I have never seen any of my kids so excited about anything! The other morning she missed the bus, and instead of being like all of her brothers and saying "oh well, can I stay home and play Wii now?" She bawled for half an hour because she didn't want to miss school. Some days I wish I could give her away because she has so much attitude and spunk, and other days I wish I could clone her because she is so amazingly smart and everyone loves her.

Gabriel is starting to take steps, and is doing pretty well. Never mind that they are 15 months old now. I have heard that crawling for longer means that they will be smarter. I must have little Einsteins on my hands then! All of my kids were late walkers though, so I am not too worried- yet. Spencer refuses to even stand up when I want him to walk, mr. jello legs. I know he can though, he does it when he is playing with something and forgets I am watching. Stinker just wants to stay the baby.

We got our garden planted a bit earlier this year, hopefully that is a good thing. We have had some wild weather with tons of rain and even hail at times. Thankfully no freezes so all the plants seem to be doing well still. Chris is excited to have me can all the produce I am able. Me, not so much. I do like eating it though, and it is a good thing to learn.

Conner, Jackson and Bryce are all doing great and will be in 7th, 6th, and 3rd grades respectively. Alex and Benson have "graduated" preschool but aren't old enough to be in Kindergarten next fall so will repeat it. Benson will be bummed because he told me today: "Tomorrow I am going to Kindergarten!" They are definitely smart enough, Alex will be teaching the class next year. Hehe

Everything else is just as usual. We are getting ready for some lazier days and less time spent in "double big" driving back and forth to school. Hope to make some fun trips and spend a lot more time at home enjoying one another.

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