Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

What a wonderful time of year. Fresh from the holidays, eating too much, playing games and spending lots of family time. It was fun, but I'm so glad to get back to the routine. No more birthdays for a while, no more stressing about gifts, parties, hosting, making food etc. whew! Our Christmas was nice, simple but good. My favorite moment was when I looked over amidst the wrapping paper mess to see Gabriel and Spencer laying together on their new pillow pet knock-offs sucking their thumbs and looking as if they wanted nothing else in life. It was sweet. The ward choir put on a really beautiful program about Christ that made me really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, away from all the presents and stuff. Chris is still working hard at his calling as bishop, and I'm still the gospel doctrine teacher. I guess no one has gotten too offended by my teaching- yet. Life is good.

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